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Next RYT 200 ISHTA Yoga Teacher Training in Finland will take place in Summer 2020.

ISHTA’s Yoga Alliance certified 200-Hour teacher training program is designed to deepen your understanding of the science of yoga. Whether you plan to make a career out of teaching yoga or are simply looking to enhance your own practice, this program teaches you how to bring yoga into daily life.

Areas of study include:

  • Asana and meditation practice
  • In-depth posture lab
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Philosophy and principles of ISHTA Yoga
  • Pranayama and the energetic bodies
  • Meditation
  • Specialty areas, including prenatal yoga, restorative yoga, and Sanskrit

The training is in intensive format during seven weekends (Friday – Sunday) during Summer 2020, January 2021 and Summer 2021. See the dates below. Times are 8am – 5:30pm every day. 

July 24-26
July 31-Aug 2

January 8-10
January 15-17

July 16-18
July 23-25 
July 30-Aug 1

Trainers: Yogiraj Peter Ferko, Yogiraj Wendy Newton, Senior ISHTA Yoga Teacher Aino Siren, ISHTA Yoga Teacher Mikaela Soldan

Price: TBA

*All prices are inclusive of VAT 24%.

Training Location: TBA

200 Hour Reading List

  • MetaAnatomy: Anatomy of a Yogi – Leal, Kristin
  • A Path with Heart – Kornfield, Jack
  • Breathing Space – Repka, Katrina and Alan Finger
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – As translated by Sri Swami Satchidananda
  • ISHTA 200-Hour Teacher Training Manual – Will be provided on your first day of training

About ISHTA Yoga Teacher Training

Become a Modern Yogi in an Ancient Lineage
ISHTA Yoga offers 200-Hour and 300-Hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training programs, as well as a variety of specialty programs for teachers and trainees. We provide a uniquely modern, individualized, and integrated approach to the ancient science of yoga. The ISHTA lineage and teachings provide a comprehensive foundation for all aspects of yoga. We cover asana, the practice and teachings of the subtle and causal body anatomies, pranayama and kriya techniques, meditation, Tantric philosophy, and Ayurveda (the ancient Indian science of life). Through in-depth daily asana practice, posture labs, practice teaching, anatomy, and lectures on topics ranging from the energetic bodies to neurophysiology, the ISHTA-trained practitioner is able to approach and embrace yoga in all of its forms.

ISHTA Yoga trains its teachers to acquire and master the skills needed to excel in group classes of all levels, private lessons, corporate lessons, and specialty yoga classes. ISHTA trainees emerge from training feeling confident and ready to practice and teach what they have learned. ISHTA supports all personal journeys – from those simply looking to deepen their personal practice to those who envision yoga as a career.


200HR FAQ’s


What is ISHTA Yoga?

The ISHTA mission is to blend the ancient and contemporary yoga teachings of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda into a system that caters to individual students’ needs. Our name itself embodies our multi-dimensional approach. ISHTA stands for Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda, or a combination of physical, energetic, and healing practices. But ISHTA has a double meaning that stretches back to the very roots of yoga. ISHTA is also a Sanskrit word translating to “that which resonates with the individual spirit,” emphasizing the personal journey we encourage and guide our students to embrace.

What makes the ISHTA Yoga Teacher Training Program unique?

The lineage and teaching of ISHTA Yoga is a uniquely modern, individualized and integrated approach to the ancient science of yoga. While the body is studied and experienced in detail through in-depth daily practice, posture labs and studies of anatomy and asana, ISHTA provides a comprehensive foundation for all aspects of yoga, including thorough studies of the practice and teaching of subtle and causal body anatomies; pranayama and kriya; meditation; Tantric philosophy; and Ayurveda, the ancient Indian life science. The ISHTA-trained practitioner learns to teach safely, confidently, and compassionately to the individual. Our philosophy is to recognize the inherent strengths of each student and to enhance these strengths through personal practice. Finally, the ISHTA Teacher Training program was created and is taught in part by Yogiraj Alan Finger, one of the preeminent Western Tantric teachers of our time. Personal study with Alan and his senior teachers offers a wealth of yogic knowledge and experience that is profound and life changing!

Is this program appropriate for me if I am not necessarily interested in teaching?

Definitely. ISHTA’s 200-Hour teacher training program is a yoga immersion designed to deepen your own practice and your understanding of yoga first. Many trainees enroll in the program without plans to teach. The in-depth experience of yoga will be rewarding for you regardless of your future intentions. We encourage all trainees to simply take this step on their journey and see where it leads them!

I am not able to do some advanced postures. Can I still take this training?

Yes! While this training is not suitable for the brand-new yogi, we welcome all serious students with a minimum of 6 months of consistent practice. The Teacher Training Program is an inclusive program. Since yoga is an individual practice, we expect and welcome different levels of physical ability. Your commitment and desire to deepen your understanding of yoga are most important!

Does this program include vinyasa yoga?

Yes. The ISHTA Yoga principles of sequencing create a well-rounded practice that will encourage you to explore the yoga that suits you and your students. You will learn the basic tools and appropriate applications of asana, pranayama, and meditation for creating a well-balanced practice that leads to a balanced life. Vinyasa is an extraordinary tool for the mind, body, and spirit and is an essential component of these tools.

Is attendance at all the sessions mandatory to receive ISHTA Certification and to register with Yoga Alliance as a certified teacher? What if I have to miss a session?

Yes, 100% attendance is required to successfully complete your training. If you know in advance you will have to miss a session and you would like to receive certification, makeup options are available, though some do incur added cost. Exceptional emergency circumstances are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Detailed makeup procedures are provided upon enrollment; ask us if you have questions.

How do I receive my certification and register with Yoga Alliance?

Once you have successfully completed all requirements of the training (100% attendance or completed makeups, 100% completion and passing grade on homework, passing mark on written final exam, and passing evaluation on final practical exam), you will receive a graduation certificate and the necessary paperwork to register with Yoga Alliance. More information about Yoga Alliance registration is available at

After the 200-Hour ISHTA Yoga Training, how can I study ISHTA more deeply?

For the trainee who is serious about teaching as a career or wishes to further commit themselves to study and practice, we offer a 300-Hour advanced training. This program is designed to greatly enhance your understanding of ISHTA Yoga and refine your skills as a teacher. Because ISHTA Yoga encourages individuality in all its forms, we have also developed a series of specialty training programs. We offer a range of intensives in many topics, including Anatomy and Theapeutics, Marma Therapy, Prenatal Yoga, and Restorative Yoga.

Can I teach at ISHTA Yoga after completing the 200-Hour training?

All trainees progress at their own rate given their experience and understanding. Still, it is our strong belief that most trainees are not yet fully ready to teach after a 200-Hour training. We require all our teachers to be 500-Hour certified, meaning that they have completed the ISHTA 300-Hour training after their 200-Hour program.

What are the payment and refund policies for the ISHTA Teacher Training?

A 500€ non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance. Remaining tuition is due no later than two weeks prior to the training start date. In extenuating circumstances, a payment plan may be arranged.


My yoga journey has begun 30 years ago, however as a plus size yogi I have never had the courage to join any teacher training until I attended wonderful ISHTA classes in Helsinki. I really felt included and the message that yoga is for everyone truly resonated with me, so I joined the training in summer 2018. This was one of the best things that happened to me in a long time, a life changing experience. Our amazing teachers Aino, Mikaela, Peter and Wendy  gave me the tools not only to teach and share yoga but to live yoga every day.”

Malgorzata Senderek / 2018 Finland 200 Hour Graduate

” The ISHTA Yoga 200 Hr teacher training was a life changing experience.

The teachers are all ISHTA Yoga trained and teach in a very confident and inspirational manner.

The well rounded curriculum is well thought out and challenging.  It really helped me grow not only as a practitioner of Yoga but opened me up to a whole new world of Ancient teachings and Philosophy.

Founders, Alan and Sarah Finger have brought the sacred teachings from a long line of Yoga masters from India and South Africa all the way to Greenwich Village. “

Phil Schuster  /200 Hr graduate December 2016

“I cannot say enough about the level of excellence, depth, integrity & warmth of all the ISHTA Teacher Training. I am beyond grateful for my experience at ISHTA and this incredible training. The teachers go above and beyond in every way. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

2017 Finland 200 Hour Graduate

About ISHTA Yoga

ISHTA Yoga, founded and created by Yogiraj Alan Finger, is a community of like-minded people with a heart-centered approach to life and generosity of spirit. Blending the ancient and contemporary sciences of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda, ISHTA caters to the individual student’s needs with intelligence and authenticity. Whether you are looking for improved strength and flexibility, clarity of mind, or a deeper spiritual practice, we provide you with the tools needed to bring inspiration into every moment of your being.


ISHTA Yoga in Finland

Senior E-RYT 500 ISHTA Yoga teacher Aino Siren and RYT 500 ISHTA Yoga Teacher Mikaela Soldan are Finnish yogis who have studied with Alan Finger and other ISHTA Yoga Teachers and Yogirajas. They are thrilled to bring ISHTA Yoga to Finland in form of specialty yoga classes, workshops and trainings.

The first RYT 200 ISHTA Yoga Teacher Training took place in Helsinki in the summer of 2017 followed by the second training in 2018. In the training students study with experienced yoga teachers and yoga masters, who will offer their inspiring teachings on the ISHTA tradition; tantric yoga philosophy, ayurveda, pranayama, kriya techniques, individualized asana and sequencing, to name a few.

ISHTA Immersion program

Created for students who wish to deepen their knowledge about ISHTA yoga, the ISHTA Immersion Program consists of approximately 30 hours of lectures and unlimited asana classes at the ISHTA Yoga Pop Up Studio during the training . The program is also a great option for practitioners who are interested in deepening their knowledge of yoga and the ISHTA lineage without enrolling in the full teacher certification program. This means, that you will not receive a certificate for the teacher training and will have to complete the full training in the future, if you wish to become a RYT 200 Certified ISHTA Yoga Teacher.
The ISHTA Immersion Program lectures include:Al_-_Meditation_Class

  • Entry/Bonding Circle
  • What Is ISHTA?
  • ISHTA Tantra
  • ISHTA Alignment/Intro to the 7 Segments
  • ISHTA Kriya Yoga
  • Introduction to Energetic Bodies
  • Pranayama Techniques 1: FCB, Apa Japa, Ujjayi, Krama
  • Intro to Essential Oils
  • The Chakras
  • Shakti, Prana and Pranayama
  • Pranayama Techniques 2: Padadirsasana, Nadi Shodhana, Kaphalabhati
  • Intro to Ayurveda
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Principles of ISHTA Sequencing
  • Meditation
  • How to Teach Meditation
  • The Health Benefits of Meditation

+ unlimited asana classes with ISHTA Yoga Senior Teachers and Yogirajas during the training at the ISHTA Yoga Pop Up Studio in Helsinki.

The ISHTA Immersion Program is offered in conjunction with each ISHTA 200-Hour teacher training program and bridge program in Helsinki. See dates and rates above.

About Alan and ISHTA

ISHTA means that which resonates with the individual spirit and is also an acronym for the Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda.

Hatha: From ‘ha / tha’ or ‘solar energy / lunar energy’ in Sanskrit, originated in the Tantric period. Hatha Yoga is the physical practice of asana, or yoga postures. Hatha also refers to the science of strengthening the weaknesses in an individual and removing the stress blockages in our systems.

Tantra: From the root words ‘tanoti,’ ‘expansion,’ and ‘trayati,’ ‘liberation.’ Tantra is the belief that our essential nature is divine, perfect as it is, part of the universal consciousness, and filled with bliss. The practice of Tantra increases our awareness of this state of total liberation through acceptance of ourselves and everything around us. Tantra gives us many tools to achieve the understanding of our true selves. In the ISHTA practice, we focus on asana, pranayama (breath work), kriya techniques and visualization meditation, as our primary tools.

Ayurveda: From the words ‘ayur’ which means ‘life’ and ‘veda’ which means ‘science.’ This ancient Indian tradition teaches that we each have a constitution, or prakriti, that is unique like our fingerprints. According to ayurvedic thought, the ideal practice begins with understanding the individual’s unique prakriti and their needs based on the interplay of that constitution with their current situation. For example, stress, injuries, or changes in life or work all impact what practice is ideal for you at a given moment. Ayurveda in the ISHTA practice encourages self-exploration and an awareness of the impact our circumstances have on our physical, emotional, and energetic states. We seek to understand how to best create balance in our lives and accept who we are.

History of ISHTA Yoga

Mani Finger

Kavi Yogi Swarananda Mani Finger and his son, Alan Finger, created ISHTA Yoga in the late 1960’s in South Africa. Mani was first initiated into Kriya Yoga by Paramhansa Yogananda in Los Angeles, and later as a Kavi yogi by Sivananda in India. Mani subsequently went back to South Africa where he transformed his home into an ashram.

Over many years, Mani and Alan hosted many gurus at their house including Swami Venkatesananda (friend of T. Krishnamacharya and Sivananda’s ‘jewel student’), Ramakrishna Mission, Swami Nishraisananda, and Tantric master Shuddhand Bharati, who initiated both Alan and Mani into Tantra. Seeking to integrate and celebrate the different teachings and lineages that passed through their ashram, Mani and Alan created ISHTA Yoga. ISHTA aims to give each student an understanding of how to incorporate aspects from various yoga styles and practices in a way that best suits their individual paths.

Alan Finger 8In 1975, after teaching in South Africa for thirteen years, Alan moved to the United States. He settled in Los Angeles and founded the Yoga Tantra Institute. Soon after, he co-founded Yoga Works. In 1993, Alan relocated to New York City and formed the Yoga Zone studios. Yoga Zone became Be Yoga and expanded Alan’s teachings into one of the most successful regional yoga teacher training programs in the country. Coming full circle, in 2004 Be Yoga rejoined the Yoga Works family of studios.

As the culmination of his life-long development of ISHTA, Alan and his partners, Julie Wilcox, Sarah Platt, and Bruce Wilcox, opened the first ISHTA Yoga studio in Manhattan on May 1st, 2008, at 56 East 11th Street in Manhattan. For the first time, all elements of the ISHTA tradition had a dedicated home. In February 2011, ISHTA opened the doors to its uptown studio, located at 1026 Third Avenue in Manhattan.

The Lineage

Paramahansa Yogananda: Author of Autobiography of a Yogi. Yogananda was Mani Finger’s introduction into yoga, his foremost teacher and his initiator into kriya yoga.

Swami Venkatesananda: A friend of T. Krishnamacharya and a leading student of Sivananda’s. Venkatesananda wrote many books on yoga, and with co-author Kavi Yogiraj Mani Finger, wrote a book on Laya yoga. Venkatesananda, along with Mani, initiated Alan into Yogiraj. Venkates stayed with Mani and Alan for several weeks each year.

Swami Nishraisananda: A scientist/engineer turned yogi and disciple of the Ramakrishna Mission. Nishraisananda’s understanding of the links between spiritual yogic concepts and modern science is the foundation of ISHTA’s conviction that we are only now beginning to understand in a ‘scientific’ perspective the physical and energetic effects of yoga, which ancient yogis intuitively understood thousands of years ago.

Shuddhanand Bharati: A Tantric master. Bharati initiated both Alan and Mani into Tantra and was the driving force behind the systematization of ISHTA as a system of yoga.